Creating New Documents

Creating a document in Content Villain is easy enough. From the Dashboard, simply click the New Document button in the top right. This will open up a popup where you can give your document a name and add it to a folder.

Once you have created a document, it will appear in the list of Recent Documents. Note that this list will show the most 10 recent documents. You can then select the new document to go into the document screen to start editing the document.

Your most recent 10 Documents can be found on the Dashboard home page, all of your Documents are available via the Documents tab on the left sidebar. You can also see Documents belonging to a specific Folder by clicking the Folders tab on the left sidebar.

Every document needs to be assigned to a folder. This will help you with keeping organized and ensuring that documents are set correctly for you based on different clients / projects that you have. There is the option to rename or delete documents at a later time.

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