Growth Ideas

Our AI model for Growth Ideas works in a similar fashion to the Marketing Ideas model but is a little quicker to use due to only needing two inputs. This model will help you come up with ideas to help with your companies growth. Without growth, your business is getting worse. That only leads one way - to failure so constantly working on ways to grow your business is important and using AI to help with this is a great use case.

Our AI model for Growth Ideas works from 2 input fields.

  1. Product / Company Name - The name of the product or business that you want growth ideas for.

  2. Product / Company Description - A brief overview on what this product or business does and how it helps customers.

With only having two inputs, it is very quick to use and you don't need to provide too much information. Keep it short, sweet and concise but remember that AI can't perform miracles so it needs the basic background information to be able to work effectively. Let's see some outputs from us putting in Content Villain as the first input and 'Helping people make content faster with AI technology' in the second field.

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