Content Villain
Accessing Content Villain
We provide a web application for users and also an API for those on our higher plans.
The web application is available for all users on a current plan. You can access the web application by going to If you have already used this before, you will be prompted for your email and password. If this is your first time using the web application, enter your email, name, choose a password and hit signup.
We offer Facebook and Google social logins for those who do not want to deal with more passwords. The email for these accounts must match the email you provided for payment.
Our API is available for those on the Power User plan. You can access your API key in the settings of the web application. You will need this key to interact with our API. API documentation is available here.
If you are looking to gain access to Content Villain, you can choose a plan here. You will then be able to access our platform via the information above.
Last modified 1mo ago
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