Marketing Ideas

Marketing is often something people forget to do and don't put enough emphasis on. There is often the notion of 'Build it and they will come' when it comes to SaaS businesses and we are a little guilty of this. Without doing some marketing, nobody will know about your product, your company or your business and without knowing, you can't expect to get sales and revenue. It can be the difference between your business being a success or a failure so it is important to invest some time into getting right.

Our AI model for Marketing Ideas works from 5 input fields.

  1. Company Name - The business or company you want a Marketing Idea for.

  2. Target Audience - Who are you wanting to target with marketing?

  3. Business Purpose - What is it that this business does?

  4. Keywords - Any specific words you want to emphasise to the AI?

  5. Words to Avoid - Similarly, any negative words to avoid?

After filling in the information, you will get up to 4 outputs at a time to help you with your marketing. Let's see it in action.

There we have it, from just a few words, we have 4 actions that we could potentially take to improve the marketing of Content Villain. This is a very powerful model and can be used for any business. Let us know about some of the marketing ideas you have actioned from Content Villain's AI.

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