Write for Me Settings

The Write for Me settings are super important to getting the most out of the Write for Me button. By default, when using the Write for Me button, there is no training on the AI. It will take what you have in the Document and try to predict the next text in the sequence. This can be good and is useful in certain situations where you are just writing and want the AI to help you continue. It is not going to give you a very specific way of writing or take anything else into context however. For that, you need the Write for Me settings.

There are currently 6 categories for Write for Me settings with sub topics to write for. For example there is Story Writing and under that Fantasy Fiction, Sci-Fi Futuristic Fiction and much more. By choosing an individual setting, you are giving the AI more context of what you want it to do. This helps it to understand the direction of the content you are trying to create and prevents it going in another direction.

The 6 categories for Write for Me settings are as follows;

  • Story Writing - This will give the AI more an inventive mannerism and become more creative in the area specified. The sub topics for Story writing are as follows;

    • Fantasy Fiction

    • Erotica

    • WW1 & WW2 Fiction

    • Sci-Fi Futuristic Fiction

  • Blog Writing - This tells the AI that you are making a blog post and it needs to produce content in that specific style. There are of course different types of blogs so we have the following sub topics available;

    • Informative Blog Writing

    • Listicle Blog Writing

    • Promotional Blog Writing

  • Sales Writing - It is important to be able to write copy in a certain way to attract new customers and market your business effectively. Sales Writing does this with the following sub topics;

    • Sales Copy

    • Converting Users Copy

  • Press Release - Writing a press release is a very specific style so without training the AI specifically, it would be hard to follow the pattern. Using the Press Release Writing Settings will ensure it stays on track. There are the following sub topics available;

    • Professional Press Release

    • Announcement Press Release

  • Factual Content - AI can be a bit wild at times and make up statistics, facts or figures. By setting this to provide factual content, you can help to avoid this. There is only one option for this setting.

  • Default Settings - This will clear any of the other settings and return to default.

How to adjust these settings?

At the bottom of the right sidebar you will see the box which says Standard Settings in it. If you click on this text, it will show you a pop up where you can choose the category and then the sub topic. It really is simple and can be changed dynamically so you can use multiple within building out the same document.

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