The Tools option has a lot of power in it. This is where a lot of the AI magic can happen. We also provide some of these options in the right sidebar and this is another way of accessing them. When you click on Tools, you will see the following options appear.

  • All AI Generators

  • Starred Generators

  • Custom Generators

  • Generation History

  • AI Links

Each of these options when clicked will open a popup with the relevant options on it to make use of the settings. The first option will show you all of our public AI generators, the second option shows a curated list of those generators that you have added to your favorites. The third option will provide you access to any custom models that we have created for you.

As we are playing with all the major AI NLP models on the market, it means we can create models in areas where others are censored. We believe in freedom to experiment with this technology. If you have any suggestions for new models, we'd love to hear from you.

Clicking on the Generation History will show all of your generation outputs, you can look through and insert any of these into the main document text at any time. We find that this is useful when you are getting multiple outputs which can be used together and you want to mix & match the relevant outputs to create something truly awesome.

The final option of AI Links is a way that you can bring in connectivity words to help the flow of your content. These are especially powerful to use prior to using the Write for Me button as they will help your content flow in an easy to understand way.

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