Public Models Available

Providing models for all subscribers of Content Villain is the core of what we do. Here you will be able to see an overview of every single one of our models and how to make the most when using them.

Our AI models are at the center of everything that we do. It is of course possible to enjoy Content Villain for writing with our lovely focus music without using any of the models but you can really level up your productivity when you start to use these models to get AI assistance in your content creation, ideas or outlines. This will be a section we keep up to date with a showcase of every single one of our public facing models and how you can make the most of them.

We often use the terms 'Models' or 'Generators'. These are the same, they are specifically trained AI models to give you content for a specific purpose. We are constantly improving and tweaking these to be as great as possible.

We'll be sure to provide as much information as we can about each of these models so buckle in and enjoy. Of course, if you are on our Power User Plan, you can call some of these endpoints outside of our web application. To do so, you need to get the information from the Developer Documentation.

Whilst we do try to keep this list up to date. It is not always completely current so please do check the web application for the most current list.

Of course, if you also have a suggestion for a model you think we should build, we'd love to hear it. If it is something we have heard a lot of demand for, we'll prioritize it, if it is more of a custom solution type product then we can start talking about that process.

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