SaaS Descriptions

SaaS products and businesses are often hard to describe. What is it that your company does? What do you sell? It is a bit more complicated than a standard product description model so we decided to flesh out something completely new in our SaaS Descriptions model with training data from some of the biggest SaaS companies today.

Our AI model for SaaS Descriptions works with 4 input fields.

  1. Company Name - What is the name of the SaaS business?

  2. Details of Product - What is it that this software does?

  3. Main Selling Points - How do the above features help the customer?

  4. Target Customers - Who is the ideal customer for this SaaS?

After filling in the information, you will get up to 4 outputs at a time to help describe the SaaS business. Let's see what it can create for Gitbook (what I am using for this documentation) which helps companies write awesome documentation that in turn helps users and customers better understand the product. Their target customers is startups and internet businesses.

There we have it, from just a few words, we have 4 descriptions of a SaaS business that is useful for marketing, adverts, salespeople and the actual company to get clarity on their purpose. This is a very powerful model and can be used for any business that is dealing with food products. Let us know about some of the product descriptions you have created with Content Villain's AI.

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