Output Length Settings

The output length settings affect how much content the AI should produce when the Write for Me button is clicked. These settings live in the top of the right side bar and are manageable in a similar way to the Creativity Settings.

There are three settings to choose from for output length. It is important to understand when using a tool such as the Write for Me button, you are letting the AI predict what it thinks should come next in the sequence. The more text you let it generate in one go, the more chances it will go off the script or outline of the document that you may have in your mind so that is always worth keeping in mind when setting the output length.

Let's take a look at these settings in a bit more detail;

  • Going for a walk - This is our shortest output length. Expect to receive about a sentence worth of output from this option.

  • Going for a cycle - This option will provide you with a medium length output of approximately 2 sentences.

  • Going for a drive - Our longest output length will produce a few sentences of text.

Remember when using the Write for Me button, you are often likely to get the outputs by giving it direction on what you want it to produce. Use the button in the middle of a sentence or direct it with the start of a paragraph / phrase so it can understand how to carry on this sequence.

How to change output settings?

Click on the current setting in the top right of the Document screen and you will see a dropdown of all the options. Select the one you wish to change to and it will lock that in place so it can be used. These settings are dynamic and take effect instantly so you can mix and match your settings across the complexity of your content creation.

With a mix of creativity, output length and write for me settings, the Write for Me button becomes an incredibly powerful tool and a secret weapon in the fight against poor content online.

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