Focus Music for Productivity

On every document page, we have music controls where you can choose from various playlists to help you get in the zone with focus and productivity. No need to open other apps or tabs.

How do I access music in Content Villain?

Very simple. Once you have started to work on a new document, you will see that there is a menubar at the top with different options. One of these options is Focus Music. Click this option and it will open a popup with different music choices that you can select.

Click on the music that takes your fancy and it will automatically start playing. All of these playlists are streamed from YouTube so you will be able to change any settings in terms of volume like you would with any other YouTube video.

From this popup, you can change the volume or simply click the close button and get back to working on your document. The music will continue to play in the background. When a playlist is live, you will notice that the text in the menubar will change to 'Music Controls'. Click on this to get back to the popup above.

We created this feature as we took heavy inspiration from products like and If we can save you time with getting focused instead of going down a YouTube rabbit hole, it is worth it!

If you want to change the playlist, you simply click the red button, that will stop the current playlist and take you back to the main menu of all playlists. We've found that these tracks are super beneficial when writing for a clear mind and utmost productivity. Combining AI content creation with awesome beats is something we are passionate about, if you have a favorite YouTube live channel you think we should add, please do reach out to us via Useful Links & Contacts.

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