Guiding for Success

There are certain actions you can take when dealing with AI to gear up for success. Here we showcase some of them.

AI is a great advancement for writing content but it still requires direction. AI will help you with your writing but having some knowledge of copywriting, SEO and the type of content you are trying to create will put your chances of success way above somebody else. There are ways to get better at using AI when creating content and by using a tool like Content Villain, you should not stop learning about how to create great content. It is a lifelong journey to continue levelling up.

Using AI can be a magical experience and can speed up your workflow, take you in an awesome direction and give you content and concepts you may never have thought of. Shall we go down the rabbit hole?

Understanding how AI models work and how they are there to predict the next token within a sequence gives you an advantage when making requests and getting those outputs. Here is how you should use AI to get the most success.

Have a Plan

It might seem obvious but most of the time, having a plan will give you the biggest benefit when using AI. Understanding what your goal is and what the piece of content you are wanting to produce should look like. Without a plan you might just end up clicking around and wasting time. If you don't know what you want.. the AI won't be a magical savior for you.

There are many different models that we offer to help with your writing be it, if you are wanting to create a property description, product description, ads for social media or even emails. Know the tools at your fingertips and choose what is best for you. If you stuck on the idea, take a bit more time to figure that out or even use one of our many idea generators to get something solid in your mind.

Avoid Repetition

The way that a lot of our models are trained is to have a number of inputs. Some have one, some have multiple. What we tend to see from user behavior is sometimes people do not take the time to fill out each of the inputs properly. Sometimes, users will even just copy and paste the same input across multiple boxes. This is the equivalent of feeding the AI garbage. If you have taken zero time to put in a decent input, you can't expect a decent output. Likewise, using repetition in your inputs is more likely to trip up the AI when it comes to patterns and predicting that next token and give you an output of repetition or some other nonsense.

Writing is Required

You may think that using Content Villain means that you no longer have to do any writing. This would be a fallacy that you need to break out of your mindset. The best content is created by a content writer. The AI can input ideas, themes, sentences and phrases here and there along the way but unless you take your writing seriously and put in some effort, you won't get content out which looks anything other than generic, boring text.

People come to your blog / website / product page / other content to read content which has been given your unique voice and branding. Let AI be your magical partner in writing content faster and getting more clarity in what you are creating. It won't replace you.

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