Creativity Settings

The creativity settings affect what happens when you hit the Write for Me Button. The more creative this is set, the more likelihood that the AI is to go off script and create more wild outputs. This can be super useful for creative writing and for taking your content in a specific direction. It is less helpful if you are trying to write a more factual or zoned in piece on a specific topic.

There are four options for creativity within Content Villain. These range from a setting which is not very creative at all, good for sticking to facts and taking the context of the document into account without trying to veer off that course to ultra creative where it will take inspiration from your document but come up with some more innovative generations.

Let's look at these options in a bit more depth;

  • I'm not much fun at parties - This setting is our lowest creativity setting. Use this when dealing with facts or wanting less creative outputs.

  • Normality is a paved road - This creativity setting is like a default setting. Use this if you want the AI to behave in a way which doesn't throw up much in the way of surprises.

  • I like things with a pinch of salt - Now we're getting into the creative zones, this may add some new ideas and themes to your writing that you may not have considered.

  • The gloves are off with creativity - Our wildest setting is more likely to introduce new ideas, concepts and themes to your writing.

How do I change the settings?

Changing the settings within your document couldn't be easier. These settings live at the top of the right sidebar. Simply click on the current setting and a dropdown will appear. Here you can choose the option which you want to set by clicking on it. This setting will now be set in your document and it will appear in the placeholder. It is that simple.

You can change these settings at any time and it will instantly affect any upcoming uses of the Write for Me button. Using it dynamically across your longer content creation needs can have a really powerful impact on the style and quality of your work.

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