The Right Sidebar

The right sidebar has a lot of different options on it which can impact AI writing on your document. From this sidebar you can play with the settings of the Write for Me tool by changing the creativity and the output length. This sidebar also enables you to send the document data to wherever you need it via Webhooks. The sidebar is also a great visual cue to seeing your character count and word count if these are important when working towards an assignment / project cap.

There are also options to get all the short-form generators and use them here. The right sidebar definitely packs a punch and it is useful to understand exactly how it can be used. Use the links below to go through each of the features and get an understanding of exactly how to use the powerful features when creating your AI documents.

pageCreativity SettingspageOutput Length SettingspageTrigger WebhookspageAdd WebhookspageAll AI Models ShortcutpageStarred Models ShortcutpageCustom Models ShortcutpageAI Content HistorypageAI LinkspageWrite for Me SettingspageUndo ButtonpageRedo ButtonpageWrite for Me Button

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