Write for Me Button

The Write for Me button is a super important part of Content Villain. It gives the AI the ability to continue writing your Document. The AI will remember approximately 2,500 words in the memory so it is a great way for you to write fast by getting the AI to keep producing new ideas and concepts that you can build on as you put your Document together.

The Write for Me button is triggered by clicking on it and then the magic happens. Remember that this button is influenced by a few toggles you can configure within Content Villain. There is the creativity settings, output settings and the write for me settings. Each of these settings will have an impact on how content is produced and will affect the direction that the AI takes.

We don't believe in censorship and try to avoid unnecessary filters when we can. The Write for Me button does not have any filters attached so is great for creative writing.

AI is not magic. It will look at the content given to it and then try to predict the next text within the sequence. By using the settings you can craft ways to get it to produce content which is meaningful for your Document. There are a few other tips also that we'd recommend to get the most out of this feature.

  • The AI tends to work best when you use the function at the end of a full word without a space at the end. For example, if you were to click it and your text was 'The cat sat on the' you would get a good output. By doing the same with 'The cat sat on the ' (space at the end) you can affect the quality of the output. Little things but they can make a difference!

  • If you finish a sentence and then expect the AI to write the next settings, the chances of it giving a wilder output increases. This is ultimately down to it seeing you finished your sentence and will now move onto constructing a new sentence. Of course, it does take into regards the previous text but we tend to find this function works best from the middle of sentences.

  • Further to the point above, if you are wanting something like a definition or simple like that, then guiding the AI is very simple. You could write something like 'Procrastinating is' and then hit Write for Me, the AI is likely to then give you a definition of procrastinating. Alternatively a nice tip is to use phrases like; 'The benefits of exercise are' and then it will continue from that. There are little things like that which help to direct the AI and keep it on track.

  • The final point is to use the AI Links. These connectors will ensure your content flows and using one prior to using the Write for Me function can have an awesome output.

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