All AI Models Shortcut

Using AI with your content creation is probably why you are using Content Villain so understanding where the AI models can be found is important. It is very easy to find these models. On the right sidebar, there is an eye icon. Click this and it will load up all of the Public Models available on Content Villain.

From this view, you can search through all the models using the numbers on the bottom, you can also search by category by using the dropdown on the right side of the popup. Alternatively, if you know which model you are looking for, simply start typing it in the search bar at the top left.

Here at Content Villain, we have created more AI models. We're constantly adding to our public models as well as providing our custom solutions for those customers who have commissioned them.

Once you have found the model that you'd like to use, simply click on it and it will show you where you can put the inputs to get the AI generated text output. Each of these outputs can be pushed to the document with a single click or if you forget to do so, you can also get the outputs again from the Content History.

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